01 January 2007

Cybils Shortlist for Fantasy and Science Fiction

The Cybils shortlists were announced this morning, and the nominees for the Fantasy and Science Fiction category are, in alphabetical order:

Further descriptions of each book have been provided by the Cybils Fantasy and Science Fiction nomination committee, who generously read nearly 90 submissions in this category. Many thanks to Sheila Ruth, Michele at A Scholar's Blog, Gail Gauthier, Miss Erin, and Kim Bacciella.

In addition, there are fantasies nominated in some other Cybils categories, such as Linda Medley's Castle Waiting (graphic novels, age 13+) and Markus Zuzak's The Book Thief (young adult fiction)--and I count all those picture books about anthropomorphic animals as fantasies as well.

And now to bed (with a nominated book).

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