19 September 2006

Reading Out Loud

An even more Ozzy link for the day is to the free audiobooks from LibriVox. There are five L. Frank Baum books available for downloading in the Children's Literature section, and more promised:

  • Rare book expert and history professor Judy Bieber recorded L. Frank Baum's Sky Island, one of his best and most original fantasies; and Dorothy and the Wizard of Oz.
  • Kara Shallenberg, featured as a LibriVox volunteer in the New York Times, has recorded Baum's The Road to Oz--one of my childhood favorites, and yet a nearly plotless wonder.
  • A volunteer named Maddie has recorded Little Wizard Stories of Oz.
  • Paul Harvey read The Marvelous Land of Oz, and says he's working on Ozma of Oz.


Jude said...

Have you listened to any of them yet? Cool news.

J. L. Bell said...

The narrators in the examples I've heard are clearly not professional actors with voice training, like Lynn Redgrave for Inkheart or Jim Dale for the Harry Potter series. But I've heard far worse audiobooks, and the readers obviously enjoy what they've chosen to share. So the experience is more like hearing a parent read a book than hearing a gifted voice actor dramatize a book.

Kelly said...

Very cool, J.L. Thanks for the info.