31 December 2006

Year's End in the Emerald City

Another year is almost gone.
It’s time for annual letters
On how the kids are moving on,
Dad’s health is so much better,
And great-aunt Amelie’s passed on
(Just so we don’t forget her).

In Oz they never have such news
Amassed since New Year’s Day,
For Ozians don’t age or lose
Their health the mortal way.
What year-end greetings do they choose?
What can they find to say?

Some few report on parties, balls,
Parades, and state occasions;
Some minor king’s deserved downfall;
The odd detransformation;
And how the Wizard has forestalled
The latest mad invasion.

But from the countryside we hear
Of crops, and herds, and family,
How hale and happy all appear--
Not even one anomaly.
It all will be the same next year.
I soon would miss Aunt Amelie!

Verse copyright (c) 2002 by J. L. Bell

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