06 December 2006

Greatest Rock & Roll Band in the World

I've long considered The Who to be a monumental rock band, but I didn't realize they could exert some sort of gravitational effect. The two surviving original members are now touring the USA, and that seems to be close enough to change the behavior of my iPod Shuffle.

Of all the songs in my regular digital music library, 2% are songs by The Who. I load my iPod Shuffle randomly from that library. Yesterday afternoon 6% of the songs that went onto the device were Who songs.

The iPod, in turn, plays its songs randomly. Yet over the past day, 15% of the songs it played were by The Who, including the last two I heard last night and the first this morning.

Just imagine what laws of probability might bend if The Who, who are missing their bass player and drummer, get together with the bassist and drummer who are the only surviving members of a contemporary group.

1 comment:

tem2 said...

They could call themselves The Whootles...or not.