22 December 2006

Most Fantastic Quote of the Week

From a Bloomberg News dispatch that ran in the New York Times:

“If female dragons can on occasion help out by virgin births, more power to them,” said Trooper Walsh...
For the full story, visit the National Geographic website.

Today I set off for holiday visits, so I may skip a few days of blogging over the next week. By the time I return, I expect I'll have seen every parent, grandparent, uncle, and aunt that I have.


mbpbooks said...

Have a wonderful time, John, and hope you garner lots of good story material from other generations.

J. L. Bell said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Mitali. I actually find rather little inspiration in my own family, not because they aren't fascinating, accomplished, and frustrating human beings, but because my mind doesn't work that way.

At least, that's what I tell them. It avoids the awkward conversations about whether I really think they talk like that, or whatever.

In any event, I've never written as boldly autobiographical as you, and the stories I write which I can directly trace to my own experiences or family life also have griffins or dragons or giant insects in them to protect the innocent.

Nancy said...

Enjoy your holidays!