16 December 2006

"Search All Blogs" No More

There are still a few bugs in Blogger's Beta programming. One of them involves returning to a blog's settings for normal line spacing after a bulleted or numbered list. I just figured out how to fix one of yesterday's postings so the line spacing remains constant (it involves going into "Edit HTML" mode and removing the "slash-span" coding before each bulleted point).

Another feature that Blogger hasn't replicated for its Beta Blogger templates is the "Search All Blogs" toggle. That was a standard feature atop every blog in the Alpha Blogger mode. Now one must go to the main Blogger Search page, or perhaps the corporation's Google's Blog Search, but that's less convenient.

Some Blogger bloggers who haven't made the switchover, like Read Roger and GottaBook, still have "Search All Blogs" atop their pages. Which means I can travel there and have the capacity even if I don't have it here and can't get it back.

Perhaps folks with older blog formats could even take advantage of this. They could invite folks to visit their pages just to start searches, and then sell advertising to all those eyeballs. No need for new content, either--the "Search All Blogs" button could be all they'd need for thousands of hits per day.

1 comment:

Greg Pincus said...

Thousands of hits!!! I'm in! Come on over and search, I say.

Thanks for the linkage. Far, far better than the hope of folks coming over to use my blog as a search page....