14 December 2006

What I Don't Want for Christmas

Publishers Weekly reports that Callaway Arts & Entertainment has shipped some very special children's books this season. They're:

  • oversized (14" x 17")
  • limited editions (10,000 copies of each)
  • expensively produced (color printing on special paper)
  • overpriced ($85)
Callaway says it’s targeting "a new luxury niche in the children's book market." But I suspect this part of the children's book market does not involve actual children.
"Mummy brought you this book about The Little Engine That Could because Mummy loves you very mu--Don't touch!

"Have you washed your hands? Let Mummy see! Show Mummy!

"All right then. Now shall we read this book together? Mummy will hold the book in her lap, and you sit beside us. A little further away, dear.

"No, Mummy will turn the pages! This is special paper, only for Mummies, okay?

"'A little steam engine had a long train of cars--'

"Darling, must you breathe toward the book like that?"

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Nancy said...

Laughing now. Thanks!