08 December 2006

Dorothy, "symbol of bold America"

At Bookslut, Colleen Mondor reviews Illusive Arts' comic/graphic novel Dorothy, along with some other reimaginings of classic children's lit:

Re-envisioning Dorothy not as Judy Garland’s sweet heroine, but as Masterson sees her, as a symbol of bold America, the reader can understand better the transformation Dorothy has undergone in the new CG designed story. With amazing and realistic art that leaps off the page, Masterson’s Dorothy makes no allowances for the strangeness of her surroundings and instead plows ahead with the same steadfast determination that made her search for a good time rather than spending another lonely night on the farm. (Something Baum’s heroine understood as well.)
Thanks to Gail Gauthier for the original tip.

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Gail Gauthier said...

I thought of you when I saw that article.