06 September 2014

Jesse Lonergan, Kids, and the Human Condition

From the Comics Alternative interview with Jesse Lonergan, author-illustrator most recently of All Star:
When I first got into [making] comics, the only ones that I was really into were comics that were based in some form of reality, and I was pretty disdainful of everything else. I was very much taken with the low-concept idea of narrative. The kind of stories where people would ask what it was about, and the only thing I could say was, “It’s about life!”

As I’ve gotten older that’s changed, and now I find myself more interested in high-concept ideas. I find myself returning to the things I liked in childhood. I, like most kids, wasn’t so concerned with the human condition then.
Ironically, All Star is set in the sort of small Vermont town where Lonergan was a kid. It’s very much about life. But his new projects are about larger-than life rock bands, Formula 1 drivers, and mythical figures from the Old West.

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