13 July 2013

The Awesome

I heard this week that Jesse Lonergan’s graphic novel All Star, about high-school baseball in Vermont, is complete and on its way to the publisher. Good news!

While waiting for the final volume, Tony McMillen interviewed Lonergan for Dig Boston, a conversation that produced these observations:
Robocop is awesome, so is Indiana Jones. Star Wars is the best.

I went through a period starting in high school and continuing through college where I was only interested in the critically acclaimed and respected, which very often is not the same as the awesome. I would be all about those realistic 1970’s movies that start out at depressing and then grind their way to completely hopeless.

Now, I’ve kind of gone back to the twelve-year-old me. He’s right.

The fifteen-year-old me, however, he was clueless and a liar. He said, “I read Gen 13 for the story.”

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