16 July 2013

“Come face-to-face with acrobatic Munchkins” in Minnesota

Circus Smirkus isn’t the only American youth circus offering an Oz-themed show this summer.

Circus Juventas, based in St. Paul, Minnesota, is also doing a show called “Oz.” Its description:
Summer 2013, audiences will encounter a curious gypsy-circus wandering a bleak and windswept landscape, sweeping along an enigmatic magician, an odious fortune teller, and an organ grinder with a mischievous monkey—but watch out for the Kansas-sized twister that will sweep you up, twist you dizzy, and hurtle you over the rainbow.

Come face-to-face with acrobatic Munchkins and a glittering witch afloat in a bubble, and of course a ruminating scarecrow with no brain, a tin man with no heart, and a quaking lion with no courage. Beware the wrath of a wicked witch or two on your way to the dazzling Emerald City, where the great and mysterious Wizard will grant your wishes only if you accomplish the impossible—finding your way home again via Circus Juventas!
This production runs 1-18 August. Unlike Circus Smirkus, it’s not a touring show: all the performances are at Circus Juventas’s home in St. Paul.

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