22 January 2014

The Yellow Block Road

The search for an image for yesterday’s posting led me to Nick Pascale’s recreations of scenes from the MGM Wizard of Oz in Lego blocks. It looks like Pascale confined himself to Lego pieces that were commercially available, not modifying them as other hobbyists do. That still offered a wide range of pieces.
Pascale’s scenes start with Uncle Henry’s farm in black-and-white photos and move on to the full-color scenes in Oz. I don’t see a way to link to only the Wizard of Oz pages within his Storybook Characters series, but they’re all down at the bottom of that alphabetical compendium.
Meanwhile, another Lego hobbyist, Jeremiah KC, has proposed a special “Road to Oz” set for Lego to release this year during the movie’s 75th anniversary.

And on a bigger scale, Gizmodo reported on how twelve builders collaborated on a huge Wizard of Oz Lego landscape at the Brickworld convention last year.

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