18 October 2013

“I don’t believe this story.”

In a month when more than half the House Republican Caucus voted to send the US Treasury into default, examples of OIP Derangement Syndrome aren’t hard to find.

But it seems next to impossible to top Zeeda Andrews, who was given time on FOX News to tout the quickly fizzling “Truckers Ride” protest. Media Matters collected Andrews’s past public commentary, including this claim:
This is the Seals that killed Osama Bin Laden. I don't believe this story. He is alive call me crazy but, Osama Bin Laden is our President Obama do your research. The CIA has been preparing for this since he was a boy. They have same height, bone structure, hands and ears both are left handed the Osama face was created by Hollywood.
Granted, this was a comment on YouTube, the least coherent and intellectual form of verbal communication humans have yet devised. But it seems to be only a short step from there to FOX News.

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