24 October 2013

Before “New Media Day” Gets Old

SCBWI New England’s “New Media Day” at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art made clear that publishing has entered a period of hybridization, combining both print and digital books published both by companies and by authors.

Despite all the stories and insights, though, my biggest takeaway was that the website Scribd.com likes to be pronounced with a short I.

Here I am with Mary Jane Begin, Gail Gauthier, and Emilie Boon, who were on a panel I moderated, and (second from left) artist Ruth Sanderson.

I can’t see why people keep asking me to moderate panels; I’m really quite shy and retiring.


ericshanower said...

It's cause you do it well.

OzandEndsFan said...

Naah, I go with height and breadth of stance.

J. L. Bell said...

There’s a certain impresario persona sneaking in there, I agree. And thanks, Eric, for sensing that I was fishing for compliments.