16 October 2013

I Could Just Eat This Up

I look askance at our current culture’s habit of declaring that something is the best Thing EVER, so that may slightly dampen my expression of enthusiasm for Betsy Bird’s “Re-Sendakify Sendak Project”: inviting a recently celebrated children’s-book illustrator to create art for one of Maurice Sendak’s books in the style of another celebrated children’s-book illustrator.

The example above shows the opening panels from Sendak’s Where the Wild Things Are in the style of Jules Feiffer’s Village Voice cartoons as drawn by Nick Bruel.

Other works of elevated collective genius in Bird’s posting include Pierre in the style of Chris Van Allsburg by Nathan Hale and Bumble-Ardy in the style of Richard Scarry by K-Fai Steele. And then the next generation gets into the act.

It’s the best thing ever.

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