02 November 2015

“What’s New” with Wondermore, 7 Nov.

On Saturday, 7 November, I’m going to moderate a panel of new children’s-book authors at Wondermore’s “What’s New in Children’s Books” conference at Lesley University in Cambridge.

The panelists are:
We’re going to talk about their paths of publication, favorite childhood reading, and advice for young creators.

This conference is designed for teachers, librarians, and other professionals who help kids learn to read and enjoy books. Other speakers include author-editor Anita Silvey, author-illustrator Rebecca Bond, bookseller Terri Schmitz, and school librarian Christian Porter. The presentations start at 9:00, and are scheduled to finish in early afternoon.

(Wondermore used to be known as the Foundation for Children’s Books. It’s now focused on bringing books and book creators to urban schools.)

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