11 February 2014

Shirley Temple in Oz

Shirley Temple was known in her childhood as an Oz fan, mentioning the books in interviews and being photographed with them. Her name was attached to MGM’s Wizard of Oz for a while, but since she was under contract to another studio, that possibility was always slim.

Instead, Temple produced and starred in an adaptation of The Land of Oz for television in 1960 as part of her Shirley Temple Storybook series. As a middle-aged mother she made a somewhat awkward Tip but a fine Ozma. Agnes Moorehead as Mombi stole the show.


Anonymous said...

She was 32 in 1960 -- is that "middle aged"?

J. L. Bell said...

Temple was a mother of three playing a child in his/her early teens or younger. She was one year older than the First Lady. She looked great for an adult woman and fine as Ozma, but playing Tip just underscored how far she was from childhood.