06 April 2012

“Too Much Time” with OIP Derangement Syndrome

This week Mitt Romney told a crowd in Pennsylvania:
We have a president, who I think is is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard, perhaps.
President Barack Obama was at Harvard Law School for three years.

In contrast, Romney spent four years at Harvard earning degrees in both law and business. He credited that education with leading him to his first job and a very lucrative career.

Furthermore, Romney sent three of his five sons to the Harvard Business School. He donated tens of thousands of dollars to the university. He has several advisors from its faculty and cites other Harvard professors as among his biggest influences.

Obviously, Romney thinks that four years at Harvard were good for him. But even three years were too much for a person like Obama.

Romney has started to mirror the symptoms of OIP Derangement Syndrome so well that he’s flirting with the bigotry that lies beneath it. As with Rick Santorum, higher education was never a problem for him until it involved Barack Obama.


Greg R. Fishbone said...

Romney's just pandering to the base: "Me no Harvard elitist. Me dumb guy like you!"

And Santorum's even worse: "Me no read from Teleprompter. Me no read at all. Education bad!"

And Newt: "One of these days, electorate. One of these days... Bang! Pow! Zoom! To the Moon!"

Scott said...

NPR just picked up on this today (May 21):


"When Mitt Romney attacks his Democratic opponent on the campaign trail, he often derides President Obama's Ivy League credentials.

"We have a president who I think is a nice guy, but he spent too much time at Harvard," Romney told supporters at his Pennsylvania campaign headquarters in April.

But Obama wasn't the only one in this campaign to attend Harvard. Twenty years before Obama graduated from the law school, Romney earned a joint degree from Harvard's law and business schools. While Obama spent three years studying in Cambridge, Mass., Romney spent four."