21 April 2012

Another Hellbound II Review

I’ll shortly start my workshop at the SCBWI New England conference, but I’m logging in to quote my favorite part of Emi Gennis’s review of Hellbound II:
While some of the pieces in this anthology are eerie and ominous tales, others were a bit more lighthearted and silly. Logan Faerbers “Grampire,” comes to mind… a story about what you may have already surmised – a very old vampire! JL Bell and Andy Wong‘s “RobMeBlind.com” also stood out as one of the more humorous pieces. Funny and creative from the set up all the way through to the ending, this story takes a more tongue-in-cheek approach to the horror theme and is well complimented by a cartoony, and maybe even cute (although perhaps that’s not the right word in the context of this subject matter) visual style.
The review offers praise and thoughts on other stories in the anthology, plus sample illustrations. Here’s Steve Cartisano’s interview with me and Andy about the story and horror in general. (Neither of us really like it. Maybe that’s why we tried to be funny.)

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