25 July 2007

Who You Gonna Call?

Last month New York-based schoolteacher Monica Edinger blogged about her unit on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. In addition to Baum's original novel and its sequels (optional), she shares the Dreamer of Oz biopic with John Ritter; the famous MGM movie; and its depressive sequel, Return to Oz.

One assignment for the fourth-graders is to post their thoughts on the MGM movie. Is it a good adaptation or a bad adaptation?

Only one blog posting? I can do an hour on that topic! In fact I did, at a gathering of New England Oz fans a few years ago.

Past Ms. Edinger classes have also created their own Oz boardgames, like "Witchbusters" above.

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Chaucerian said...

Ah, but ten years ago I think you may have been well past the fourth grade. Gotta give some sort of handicap points to the little ones.