26 July 2007

Might as Well Jump

(Click on picture for video.)

Ah, those crazy Dutch.

First they were competing at dangling off bluejeans over canals. Then they were collecting shiny rocks in shiny boxes. And now they've taken the lead over shorter nations in "jumpstyle" dance.

There have been many styles within jumpstyle since it first arose in Chicago almost two decades ago: "stamp," "kick," and my favorite to watch, "duo." There are now tutorial videos to explain it all--in Dutch. To judge by other YouTube offerings, the Benelux countries are seeing a small craze for recording "jumpen" in public places, including train stations, malls, and retail establishments.

Two young enthusiasts named Ahmed and Sven demonstrate several styles in this video. At about the one-minute mark, they move into a book and stationery store. At two minutes, they demonstrate their "duo" moves there. But the best performances come from the shoppers who try to ignore the lads.

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