06 July 2007

When Pigs Fly in The Baum Bugle

Yesterday I posted links to some images that supplement my article about John Dough and the Cherub (1906) in the latest issue of The Baum Bugle. Today I'm displaying another image from that magazine that got pixelated in the printing.

The small image to the right, which comes from Oz-Central.com, is a color plate from Ruth Plumly Thompson's The Wishing Horse of Oz (1935). It shows Pigasus, the winged pig, and Princess Dorothy trapped in the coils of a stretchable palace.

Who's the man poking his head out of his skylight? And how might he help Dorothy restore proper order to Oz? For answers you'll have to read the book. Fortunately, it's in print and available from the International Wizard of Oz Club, as well as other sources.

Also in this issue of the Bugle are Ruth Berman's discussion of some difficulties in mapping Oz, Atticus Gannaway's discussion of flying pigs in literature and life, the annual Oz trivia quiz, and many fine reviews and reports about recent Oz publications and news. The Baum Bugle goes free to all members of the Oz Club.

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