05 September 2017

Julia Anne Young Reenvisioning Oz

Artist Julia Anne Young created this model as an exercise for an SCBWI New Jersey conference. Maria Middleton, Art Director for Random House Children’s Books, assigned the people in her illustrators’ intensive workshop to “put our own spin on any character from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, write an original story brief, and illustrate a story scene.”

Young imagined Dorothy Gale as “a camp counselor for The Flying Monkey Scouts,” rescuing one of her charges from a whirlpool. (She also implicitly reimagined Dorothy from the blonde girl that John R. Neill drew while retaining the blue checks and red shoes from the movie.) We can see Young’s whole process here at 24 Carrot Writing.

Julia Anne Young’s story doesn’t exist (yet). From the workshop she took home ways to improve this picture further. So we might yet see future versions of this adventure.


Glenn Ingersoll said...

Monkeys can fly but they can't swim, especially in whirlpools.

Julia Anne Young said...

J. L., thank you for featuring my illustration and post here! It was delightful documenting this process for 24 Carrot Writing. You also mentioned one of my illustration heroes — John R. Neill. Ah, to have his pen and ink skills! I hope to have my revised version of this piece out sometime soon (it's in the works!).