28 December 2013

What “Young Justice: Legacy” Says About Dick Grayson

In the new Young Justice: Legacy videogame, both Dick Grayson as Nightwing and Tim Drake as Robin are playable characters. The game’s story is set in year three of this continuity’s timeline, meaning Dick must have become Nightwing relatively soon after the events of the TV show’s first season. However, it doesn’t look like we see that transition.

In this compilation of scenes linking game play, Nightwing is uncharacteristically quiet. I suspect that voice actor Jesse McCartney was unavailable to record lines for the game.

Instead, the character at the center of the story appears to be Artemis, and the main antagonist is her sister. Thus, even though seven of the twelve playable heroes are male, the central characters are female. That would be refreshing except for what it hints about which voice actors were underemployed.

I should acknowledge that these remarks aren’t based on, like, playing the game. Anyone who has actual experience in that arena is welcome to add better comments.

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