11 June 2013

Are Those Gargoyles? Is That a Mangaboo Sun?

From Flavorwire’s roundup of “Twenty Embarrassingly Bad Book Covers for Classic Novels”:

Some of the other covers on this list are simply out of fashion, or designed for other cultures. But a lot reflect the underside of digital publishing: outfits slapping any old art onto a public-domain text in order to squeeze a few dollars out of some bargain-hunting reader.

(Hat tip to Gili Bar-Hillel, whose Hebrew translation of The Marvelous Land of Oz will have a much more traditional John R. Neill image on the cover.)


Anonymous said...

Bargain hunting? Those POD text "editions" are often more expensive than the decent looking illustrated "regular" ones.

J. L. Bell said...

I can't find this edition specifically, so I don't know its format or the source of the text. If it's indeed a POD edition facing cheaper competition from Dover and other reprinters, then this edition may never have existed in the real world, only as a digital possibility.