17 February 2013

Crossover Events

I hadn’t realized that in December 2011 Ross converted his blog about imaginary issues of The Brave and the Bold (featuring Batman team-ups) into imaginary issues of Super-Team Family, featuring team-ups of any superheroes.

Which of course means more opportunity for Robin. Since Ross uses the grown-up Earth-2 Robin’s short-lived chest emblem as his own avatar, I assume that was part of the appeal for him, too.

As someone who collected all the original Invaders magazines (including Annuals, crossovers, and What If?), my favorite new cover might be this one, letting the kid sidekicks of that 1940s team meet the 1960s Teen Titans.

But I don’t think we need a direct replacement.
Besides, Bucky was a sensational character find of 1941.

From the more modern section, this cover definitely deserves a balloon saying, “Eep.”

(Hat tip to Facebook’s Robin Appreciation Group.)

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