31 May 2011

A Peek at Oz in Peekskill?

The Wall Street Journal reports on a proposal to erect these statues in Peekskill, New York.

Why Peekskill? For a couple of years as a child, L. Frank Baum attended the Peekskill Military Academy. And there is a small stretch of yellow brick road in the city, reportedly old enough for him to have seen. Are those facts enough to make Peekskill a significant site in the literary history of Oz?

Who cares? Those statues are delightful! They’re by Richard Masloski, based on the character designs of W. W. Denslow. They can come large as life for only about a quarter-million dollars.

Surely there’s a library out there that wants the whole set.

(Hat tip to the Daily Ozmapolitan.)

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