08 January 2011

Will Anything Good Come of This?

Since this week’s theme is already Not Safe for All Classrooms, I figure I might as well relate a story about our family reading last year.

MY MOTHER: “At the library, I picked up that book by that man with the father. The man who writes on the internet about his father.”

ME: “Um. You mean Shit My Dad Says?”

MOM: “…Yes.”

Okay. My mom reads a bogglingly large number of books, in many areas. I subscribe to the @shitmydadsays Twitter feed, and had enjoyed reading off some of its remarks. But I didn’t recall mentioning the book. I think Mom must have read a recommendation in a magazine. In any event, a few days later…

MOM: “I finished the Halpern book.”

ME: “The ‘Halpern book’?”

MOM: “The man on Twitter.”

ME: “So you mean Shit My Dad Says?”

MOM: “…Yes. I’m having some trouble saying the title.”

ME: “Really?”

MOM: “But in the last chapter, the dad tells the author something he thinks is important. I think you’d like the book. And you should read through to the last chapter.”

And Mom was right.


Gail Gauthier said...

I read this book last summer and bought two copies to give as Christmas presents.

Glenn Ingersoll said...

You tease.