24 September 2010

“Took down a square green bottle…”

I don’t know much about wine, but I nonetheless feel skepticism about wine from Kansas. On the other hand, the Oz Winery in Wamego deserves a toast for its graphics alone. Just look at that visual riff on MGM’s Emerald City.

The wines themselves all hearken back to the 1939 movie, though the Limited Editions and some others have W. W. Denslow art on the labels. I’m not sure how the firm manages to formulate so many flavors from the Kansas growing season, but choices include Ding Dong the Wine is Red, Drunken Munchkin, Poppy Fields, and Surrender.

A little Googling dedicated research unearthed this local TV story about the firm, which also reports, “Before prohibition, Kansas was the third largest grape producing state in the nation. Right now, there are less than 20 wineries in the state, with 300 to 400 acres of vineyards.”

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