04 May 2007

Writing for Youth Isn't All Pretty, Either

From the local newspaper, here's an article about Karen Day (the pretty part of this photo by Mark Thompson) and our writing-critique group.

Karen's first novel, Tall Tales, comes out next week. Among other members of the group, Mitali Perkins has a new picture book, Rickshaw Girl, and the first of a new series of novels, First Daughter. Steve Smith's working on a junior version of his fun board game, Word Sweep. Laya Steinberg is trying novels after her picture books Thesaurus Rex and All Around Me I See. And there will be more to come!


MotherReader said...

What a great writing group! How do I join?

Anonymous said...


You don't give yourself enough credit. You ARE very pretty and, I would argue, the most valuable member of our team. Thanks for highlighting us on your wonderful blog!

Karen Day

p.s. Do you know how many calls I've gotten in the last couple of days from people who want to join!!????

Mitali Perkins said...

You gotta brave the beastly Boston winters, baby.

Mitali Perkins said...

... and that's my buff, looming shoulder, by the way!

Lee said...

I envy you this. Here in Germany I get to talk to my dog Gypsy - who does have some valuable suggestions, however.