11 May 2007

Muggleton and Poots

The "zombies besiege a green zone in London" movie 28 Weeks Later opens in the US today, and as my eyes flowed across the reviews they were caught by the names of the two actors playing the refugee children:

Mackintosh Muggleton and Imogen Poots

Those names sound more like secondary characters in a Dickens novel than like actual children, even child-actors, so I had to investigate. (Other people have also been struck by those names.)

It turns out Ms. Poots appeared in V for Vendetta and other moving pictures. Wikipedia reveals that her nicknames are Imi and Imo. "Imi Poots"--even more out of this world.

28 Weeks Later is Mr. Muggleton's first movie, and he's so unknown that IMDB.com thinks he's an "actress" rather than an actor. (The haircut doesn't help.) I found one interview, with a single quote: "...I think I would stay clear from monkeys."

Muggleton was only twelve when he was cast, so he's lived since age two in a world where Harry Potter has provided a new layer of meaning for "muggle." Growing up with the name Mackintosh Muggleton was thus probably even more striking than his parents had planned. But he seems to be off to a good start with it.


Anonymous said...

i like mackintosh he's cool and cute! he's a good actor! he should be in alot more movies!

Anonymous said...

Are you his mother?