16 October 2006

Progressing Onward through The Pinhoe Egg

Around page 200 of The Pinhoe Egg (US edition), young Cat realizes that the castle's in a total tizz because Chrestomanci is missing. So he decides to go find his teacher. On his own. Without telling anyone. Even though he has a friendly, supportive, immensely powerful adult protector in Chrestomanci's wife Millie, not to mention others in the castle.

This is a classic set-up in children's books. Usually it ends with the bold child getting in trouble that he only just manages to get out of, and we all learn a valuable lesson about life. In fact, Harry Potter would have only about half the dangerous adventures he does if he only told Dumbledore what was on his mind! L. Frank Baum based a whole short story on the Wizard trying to teach Dorothy a lesson about going off on her own.

So naturally I expect Cat's decision to send him into trouble. But instead, he manages to do what he set out to do: he finds Chrestomanci. Of course, it's not as easy as he thought, and some other things happen along the way, but this turns out to be a small episode in a more complex book. Cat's rash decision isn't the crucial fulcrum of the whole story. And even after 200 pages 60% of the novel lies ahead.

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