24 July 2006

Strolling through the Carnival of Children's Lit

Big A little a has posted the Fifth Carnival of Children's Literature, which is well worth serenading.

The link I found most personally intriguing was Gail Gauthier's Original Content on reading Pinnochio in adulthood. I've never read that novel in its entirety, but you know my taste tends toward the old-fashioned. With century-old translations available through Project Gutenberg, I'll load one on my PDA and see what happens.

On this carnival's deadline day, the internet gods spared me the puzzlement of figuring out how and why and what items I might submit by putting my phone/DSL connection down like a horse with two broken legs. And the next carnival's host doesn't actually seem to be a blog about children's literature, so I expect to sit out that one as well.

But I'm still accepting entries and reminiscences for the very first
Oz and Ends blog carnival of German kids playing accordions in tents, now through the end of July.

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