03 July 2006

Facial scrub

After about a month and a half of dispatches, I stole the time to list the blogs I visit most regularly and the websites I find most pertinent (or refreshingly impertinent).

I don't claim that these are comprehensive lists, even of my own likes. I managed to leave E. Nesbit out of my profile's roll of favorite authors even though I read her books regularly and blogged about her multiple times in my first month.

I've listed blogs alphabetically by title, but sites alphabetically by what I in my hurried wisdom decided were the key words (usually an author's last name). I expect these lists will evolve like germs.

My only other feeble attempt at organization on this blog involves the placement of images. If I find a book cover or other visual item to illustrate an entry, it goes on the upper right if the posting is about "Oz," on the upper left if it's about, er, "Ends."

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