13 May 2014

Simply Irredeemable

Arthur Tebbel at ComicMix tells us how he really feels:
Legends of Oz: Dorothy’s Return is simply irredeemable. I’ve been sitting in front of a blank Word document for over an hour trying to figure out where to start and have experienced new waves of outrage every time I think of another part of the movie. The characters are bad, the story is basically nonsense, it’s ugly, the songs are bad, even the credits are confusing. I don’t know another way to judge this movie to make it look like a success. The 3D stereography didn’t make me want to throw up. That’s the best I can do.
Dedicated Oz fans seem more willing to give the new movie a chance, if only because we’re boggled by having two new Oz movies in cinemas within a calendar year, plus an Oz storyline on a TV show. If only they’d all been good.

Jared Davis noted the new cartoon’s resemblance to Journey Back to Oz, another animated Oz movie years in the making with a star-studded vocal cast and few fans. He also noted that Legends of Oz has a 2012 copyright date—it’s been waiting around for a while.

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