04 April 2013

Local Heroes

I won’t be attending MoCCA this year, but I’ll be represented at that independent comics festival by a couple of titles from Dan Mazur’s Ninth Art Press. One is The Greatest Comics Anthology of All Time, introduced back here.

And Geoff Halvorsen and I have a story in the inaugural issue of In a Single Bound, a magazine of eight short superhero comics set in Boston and hot off the press.

This tale is really Geoff’s baby. We were talking at a Boston Comics Roundtable meeting about his frustration with finding a structure for his visual ideas, so I listened and thought and came back with a story set at MIT. Dan, the magazine editor, provided great suggestions to make the result more “superheroey.” Geoff handled all the layout, art, and lettering. The result is the Tesla Club’s first tale, “The Infinite Corridor.”

Part of the point of In a Single Bound is that it’s not so “superheroey.” These are stories set in Boston, after all, not braggadocious New York or its other-universe avatars (Gotham, Metropolis). They tend toward the smart, skewed, and parodic. The parody might be directed at the superhero genre or the Hub itself. We’ll see how the collection fares in Manhattan this weekend before it flies back to home base for the Boston Comic-Con.


Richard Bensam said...

You're just skipping the show to avoid me again, aren't you. Don't bother to deny it.

But I've worked out a particularly fiendish form of revenge: I'm going to buy a copy of In A Single Bound and thoroughly enjoy it, but you won't be able to see me enjoying it. Instead of hearing my compliments, you'll just have to imagine what they sound like. That'll teach you!

J. L. Bell said...

You are my biggest regret this year. Maybe in 2014!