22 March 2013

Amy Kremer’s OIP Derangement Syndrome

As Talking Points Memo highlights, in September 2012 Amy Kremer, chairwoman of the Tea Party Express, told CNN, “I just don’t believe that [President Barack Obama] loves America the way that we do.” That was a follow-up to a tweet the preceding month, also claiming that the President didn’t love America.

When asked to explain her thinking, Kremer said things like: “I think he is more about a global, being a, oh, what’s the word? Being more one-world, global, with, you know, other countries, and it’s not about the shining city on the hill, the greatness that has always been America, that our founding fathers were about.” She preferred the candidate with the Cayman Island tax shelters.

However, this week Kremer looked back on how the Bush-Cheney administration invaded Iraq and said, “The American people, I don't think, have any alternative but to believe our president. That’s why he’s been elected. . . . We have to trust our leaders.”

Unless, of course, the elected leader (the choice of the American people, unlike his predecessor in 2003) is Barack Obama. In that case, Kremer voices unfounded accusations and erects doubled standards. Back in 2009 she even supported a colleague who promulgated caricatures of the President as a witch doctor. This “founder” of the Tea Party movement in that year provides a clear case of OIP Derangement Syndrome.

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