25 March 2011

Boston Comics Roundtable Shows and Tells

The Boston Comics Roundtable has just co-published another anthology, this one on education. It’s titled Show and Tell: A Collection of Comics About Teaching and Learning, and comes out to coincide with the New England Comic Arts in the Classroom Conference in Providence.

Publisher Ninth Art Press says:

In these twenty short stories set in and around the classroom, independent comics creators explore the drama and humor of teaching and learning… or at least trying to teach and learn. From elementary school to college, from the perspectives of teachers and students, these tales touch on some serious issues of education, but their main goal is to make you laugh, cry, or cringe.
The press offers sample pages from Show and Tell, showing the range of styles and approaches. For example, “Iruma,” by Ben DiMaggio and Len White, is an anecdote about teaching English in Japan.

Marek Bennett takes a more theory-driven approach to “Multiple Intelligences and Comics Education,” as excerpted at right.

And Jesse Lonergan depicts the challenges of substitute teaching in a form reminiscent of daily strips, as you can see in samples of his contribution here.

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