08 November 2009

Weekly Robin: Election Week Extra

Every day in October, Brian Cronin at Comics Should Be Good! offered his readers a poll on a different question about American superhero comics. Here’s the complete list of questions.

About a third of the way through the month he asked, “Who’s Your Favorite Robin?” That question received 2,280 responses, more than any other poll in the month and about 20% higher than the next most popular that week. And not one of those votes was mine; I knew I couldn’t decide.

(The next biggest responses for the month, also above 2,000, were to “Who[m] do you prefer Cyclops [of the X-Men] with?” and “Who is the top Spider-Man villain, besides Norman Osborn?”)

And the results were:

Not listed as options were several minor but distinct versions of Robin who have all appeared in more than one DC story: the first Jason Todd, the Earth-2 Dick Grayson, the imaginary Bruce Wayne, Jr., the Teen Titans Go! Robin, and the Tiny Titans Robin.

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