26 December 2008

LeakyCon Coming to a Hub Near You

I don't know how I feel about this. LeakyCon, a conference on the Harry Potter series sponsored by the fine Leaky Cauldron fan site, will make its debut in Boston on 21-24 May 2009. At the Park Plaza, no less.

I've been withholding comment on this news for months since the initial announcements about the conference were at this level of vagueness:

Formal Programming for LeakyCon2009 will include a variety of presentation formats. Emphasis will be placed on active discussion and audience participation in the form of debate, workshop, and question/answer sessions.
Will this be more like an academic conference, or more like a science-fiction convention, or more like the big midnight costume parties when the books were released?

The event is accepting $185 registrations, and there are still no answers. The event has announced a list of bands, but it looks like the spoken programming is still going to be whoever has volunteered to speak.

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