28 September 2007

Raptures for John R. Neill

Last month at Liberté, Egalité, Fraternité, Diane Rios made her case that John R. Neill was “The Real Wizard of Oz”:

I sank into these books, into another world, and was throughly immersed by the brilliance of John Rea Neill's illustrations. Neill uses pen and ink to create natural, yet wildly opulent characters and fantastic creatures. He has an ability to show movement and gesture along with draftsman-like technical perfection.

He can draw early century "Gibson" girls with tiny royal circlets on their heads, long robes and intricately carved sceptors. From a fashion standpoint, his art is seminal. I saw my first "snood" on Glinda the Good!

Neill can also illustrate crazy characters such as the Patchwork Girl, a full-sized stuffed doll animated by "Living Powder" [Powder of Life]. Or Ruggedo, the Gnome King who looks like an Evil Underground Santa.
Thanks to the Daily Ozmapolitan for the link, and Mamluke for posting the snoody art above.

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