13 August 2007

Woodturners in Oz

Through Eric Gjovaag, I learned about an exhibit at the World Forestry Center in Portland, Oregon, called "Return to Oz." It promises "Poppy fields, wicked witches, tornadoes, and flying monkeys as never before seen through the eyes of talented woodturners." Above is an image of the promotional postcard; it might get bigger if you click on it.

Oz fans are gathering at the museum for a potluck picnic on Sunday, 19 August, at noon. For more information, contact Karyl Carlson through the email address here. The exhibit closes on 16 September.

I must admit I had no idea there was a Forestry Hall of Fame. The nomination process seems mighty open. Perhaps it should include the creators of the Paul Bunyan tales, if anyone is willing to sponsor their entry.

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