05 August 2006

Alfred Hitchcock's .00003 Investigators

On Fuse #8's recommendation, I checked out the Book-a-Minute website, offering summaries of classic books boiled down to the density of a neutron star.

For instance, the site's distillation of one--heck, every--Three Investigators mystery novel runs to 94 words, and that's one of the longer ones.

But it's woefully incomplete! This summary says nothing about two of the three boys getting captured by the bad guys while the third rushes back to the salvage yard to bring the big Swedes. Honestly, you'd think the summarizers had never read forty of these books.


fusenumber8 said...

Oh, Three Investigators. So odd. So fulfilling. So impossible to find anywhere except dusty library shelves. The Swedes were odd, yes, but remember how Jupiter Jones won a chauffeur for "a month" in a contest and then somehow managed to retain that same chauffeur for most of the series? God I loved those book. Hardy Boys did nothing for me, but give me a trailer hidden in a pile of junk and I'm yours for life.

J. L. Bell said...

The Three Investigators was the first series I read in which I spotted the plot formula. And then I kept reading, just to be sure I was right. It was like watching Scooby Doo even after you realize that every ghost is a real estate speculator in a sheet.