03 June 2006

Han Solo plasticized

Click on this picture for a gallery of photos of one of my generation's most powerful fantasy images--Han Solo in carbonite--as reproduced entirely in LEGO blocks.

I didn't know there was such a thing as a "Certified LEGO® Professional," but ersatz-carbonite sculptor Nathan Sawaya is one. How many other certified pros are there? And are there freelance LEGO® Professionals, working without certification?

I imagine certified guild members, assisted by Danish mercenaries, chasing down the renegades. But the authorities have trouble locking them up because it takes so much time to build a prison out of millions of little plastic bricks.


Tegan said...

Yes, LEGO employs a number of "master builders" who create the sculptures for the parks and for displays to go in stores. There are a suprisingly large number of them.

As for non-certified, I know one. He does LEGO set-ups for parties and shows. He makes a decent living off it, and LEGO doesn't mind.

Chris Barton said...

Wowee. For me, the most powerful, Harrison Ford-related image would be the warehouse scene at the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark. (Why? Beats me.) But I can see how that one might take a while to render in Legos, or even Duplos.