20 May 2006

Evil Editor shovels out the slush

I used to work as an editor at a trade publisher, so I've waded through my share of "slush"--the industry jargon for unsolicited submissions. Novices often worry that their hard work will end up pinned to a bulletin board or passed around the office so people can laugh at it. I can assure folks that that never happens.

Unless the pages are really, really funny.

Evil Editor has taken that tradition to a new level by critiquing query letters and synopses on a blog, ostensibly for the benefit of hopeful authors. A lot of what he (and that's about all the personal detail that Evil Editor's profile reveals) gets to see
involves science fiction and fantasy. A lot of his commentary makes me laugh. And a lot of his advice is quite good.

Here are Evil Editor's Blogspot blog and website with minor merchandise.

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